Why You Should Forget About Improving Your misstinytootsies

When I was a kid, we used to get our shoes out of the dryer, wash, and put on new, fresh socks every day. They still do. But, I was also very good at keeping them clean, in order to avoid getting out of the bed in the morning to find fresh socks.

This one is probably more likely to happen to you, because you probably have a bunch of socks that you never wear. But my wife and I still have some that we don’t use, because we prefer them to be clean. We have a system that we use to keep them clean and fresh.

My son is one of those people who always has a full box of new socks, even though he has a bunch of old ones that he never used. I guess it’s a testament to his self-awareness, but it really shows how much he needs new socks, and how little time we have to put our feet to bed.

In the case of my son, however, he isn’t self-aware enough to realize that he needs socks. I guess it’s because he’s so young. I’m a lot older, and also have a lot of sock-wear, and it’s a lot easier to just throw a pair in the washing machine and forget about them. But, for some reason, I know I’m going to wear that sock because it was bought by my sockless son.

My son is a sock-wearer too. I guess I should be glad he still uses socks, because in the past he has worn out a pair of socks just by walking into his room. He just needs a new pair. Its a shame that I didn’t think to bring up that this might be an issue for your son, too.

Its a shame that my son wears a sock. Its because in this day and age, we wear everything that doesn’t actually belong to us. We wear our hair in a ponytail and our socks in a pair of mocs, and we wear our eyeglasses with the same style in our ears. And we wear our shoes with the same style in our heels, and on and on.

Misstinytootsies is my son’s name, and he has a whole world of new socks to wear. He wore a pair of socks to school in a pair of mocs, because he didn’t want his teacher to think he was trying to look like another moc.

And in that same vein, for anyone who is familiar with my sons’ shoe choices, his socks are a bit more daring: He wears his socks in a pair of mocs, because he doesnt want his school uniform to look ridiculous.

Our son has the same socks as me, and I dont know where he got them, but they are the exact same style. I just like to wear the same style of shoes in my heels.

This kid is as unique as he is creative. You could say they are the perfect pair of mocs for him. He was born with a pair of shoes that look like they came straight from the 80s, and he is going to wear them forever.

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